Certificates Of Analysis

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COA - Certificate of Analysis - Harmony Super Lemon Haze CBD OilWhat is a COA?

COA stands for Certificate of Analysis. Harmony CBD vaping oils test every single batch of CBD with independent, third-party laboratories to ensure outstanding quality. They also periodically test finished products for their cannabinoid content. The certificates below apply to the vaping CBD oils we offer on our website which are manufactured by Harmony CBD. 

How to read lab analysis results of CBD products

It is easy to get a little bit confused when looking at our analysis results and seeing numbers that seem to be lower or higher than what they should be according to our packaging. But don’t worry, there is an explanation and, of course, we make sure you get the right amount of CBD in each of our products!

For your convenience, our packaging always tells you how much CBD is in the whole product container and how much is in 1 mL of product, so you don’t have to use a scale to find your perfect dose. 

However, 1 mL of liquid can have a weight different from 1 g, depending on the type of product. At the same time, analysis labs report their results in weight or percentages.

To save you from the headache of doing lengthy calculations, we created some handy conversion tables for all our CBD products for you.

Vaping products

Conversion table for flavoured Harmony e-liquids and cartridges:

CBD mg / mL CBD mg / g CBD %
3 2.80 0.28
10 9.35 0.94
30 28.04 2.80
60 56.07 5.61
100 93.46 9.35
106 98.58 9.86

Conversion table for Harmony Pure Base:

CBD mg / mL CBD mg / g CBD %
10 9.62 0.96
30 28.85 2.89
100 96.15 9.62

CBD Oils

Conversion table for Harmony CBD Oil:

CBD mg / mL CBD mg / g CBD %
3.3 3.55 0.355
10.0 10.75 1.075
33.3 35.81 3.581

Please also always keep in mind that there is always a deviation (uncertainty) of +/- 10% in Cannabinoid analysis results.

Certificates Of Analysis

Here you can find our Certificates of Analysis in PDF for multiple e-liquids in various concentrations from independent laboratories. Please do not share, duplicate or distribute the documents to third parties without the written permission of Meet Harmony Limited. You are authorized to create a link to this page, but not to the direct files.

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