Kanavape CBD Oil Vaporiser

Who are we?

We are lifehackers willing to help others achieve well-being through authentic natural products. We share a background in tech, and a love for nature. We teamed up after deciding that these two things could very well be combined. We started this CBD business promoting the first ever certified CBD vape called Kanavape back in 2016 and now we stock ONLY the BEST CBD mnufacturers oils including Harmony CBD Oils for vaping CBD and Pura Vida CBD Oils for edible/tincture CBD oil. These CBD oils are Full Spectrum which includes all the other ingredients in a CBD oil incl. CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDA etc. 

We also have another online site about something you've probably never heard of... Electromedicine. Read below to find out more about Blood Zapping, Colloidal Silver and PEMF Magnetic Pulsing

CBD Oil“Lifehackers? Heard that one before”

Lifehacking is not just an Instagram hashtag, or a new innovative way to re-use your egg boxes. It’s a lifestyle that focuses on simple ways to achieve well-being, in a natural and safe way.

Well-being is not just about wearing a fitbit or going gluten-free. There are thousands of ways to make your body and mind smarter, and we’re on a mission to find them all.

What will you find here on CBD Oils Ireland?

From food supplements to innovative growing methods, we’re here at every step of your journey to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It’s easier than you think.

We’re not just a shop. We want you to ask us for products, for techniques, for advice. Sometimes, we’ll just share tasty products that would be hard to find otherwise.

We’re committed to transparency on the products we find, and we’re always willing to learn and discover new ways to achieve well-being. You should also know that we never sell a product we haven’t tried ourselves before.

CBD Oils Ireland is not just for tokers. It’s about reviving our connexion to nature through smart products.

EarthPulse PEMF Magnetic PulserElectromedicine

Ever hear of Electromedicine? Didn't think so... you're doctor probably still hasn't heard about it either?! It's a very exciting branch of health care which everybody will learn about in the coming years but it involves electricity and electromagnetism using devices called Blood Zappers, PEMF Magnetic Pulsers and Colloidal Silver. For more information, go to www.electrobiotics.com 

We have included an "Electromedicine" link in our menu to get you to the right electromedicine method fast. 

For more information about each method, click their titles here:

PEMF Magnetic Pulsing
- Blood Zapping - Colloildal Silver

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